GAHR, Welded Modern Art

The Moment Decides

Sometimes it is like lightening,
though more often like smooth exfoliation.

As I seem to passively prepare myself for the deciding moments-
deep inside I'm in constant motion.

Shadows of leaves on the asphalt road, twigs that
casually overlap, broken stones.
Thunderstorms with their inconceivable power.
This joy and exhaustion when having crested a mountain by bike.
This coldness with its constricting almost crushing force.
A fly that inadvertedly bumps against the window.

The entire surrounding is being embodied,
analysed with a shake of the head, joined or simply forgotten again.
Only artistic creation unites all impressions.

A comprehensive interpretation of my sculptures therefore is impossible.
Too multiplex my inspirational hotchpotch.

Above all: my way of artistic performance

seems to be quicker than my thoughts;
-pure intuition,
as if dreamfully wandering through my thoughts.
But still restless, powerful, aggressive from the heart.

The creation of a sculpture is more or less comparable with
the creation of any challenging task.
First of all it demands attention, technique, flexibility,
strength, promptness and .. tranquility.

Materials like stainless steel, brass, bronze, rusted steel sheet, aluminium or lead are brought into shape by flexing, slicing, welding and hammering on them.
Dents and edges are reminders of these violent acts.

Some of the captured energy is set free during the succeeding heating.
When temperatures reach the fusion point the emerging oxidizing gases generate shimmering, gaudy colours.

That's why my works express tension and relaxation at one time.

My works long for freedom, poetry, diversity, movement and power.

(Stefan Gahr, 2004)