GAHR, Welded Modern Art

Customized Sport Trophies, Corporate Awards, Applied Metal Art

Applied Art made of brass, bronze, corten or stainless steel

Handball Champions League Trophy, annually since 2010

The FINAL4 (final with the top four teams) with 19.000 visitors takes place in the Lanxess Arena in Cologne.

EHF Champions League Trophy

Final4 Trophys
Variations 2017-2010

Sport Award

Winners Celebration 2016-2010
Lanxess Arena Cologne

Opening Ceremony

Handball Trophy
Champions League 2010
(14 images, GAHR Performance)


Video: Opening Ceremony 2010
with Herbert und Stefan Gahr



Welded Trophy

EHF Champions League Trophy
Making of ...
(10 images)

Trophy for the Austrian 'Sportsman and Sportswoman of the Year' annually since 2004

Every vintage has a unique character, Every sculpture is different, A unique piece of art for unique athletes

Award Made By Artist

Stefan Gahr and his trophy for 2010

Der Metallkünstler Stefan Gahr über den Schaffensprozess
(Translated text is coming soon)

Winners Celebration

Winners Celebration & Press Reports
(link to our german website)

Welding Art

Stage Set 'Night Of Sports'

Award For Sportsman

Best Austrian Sportsman Of The Year
3/13 trophys 2004

More Awards, Artistic Cups, Individual Trophys, Sculptures As Prizes

Every award is a unique piece of art. Designed and manufactured by an artist!

Company Award

Company Award
BILLA's 'Beste Frische'

Artistic Poker Trophies

Poker Trophies 2016
win2day by Österreichische Lotterien

Artistic Award

Marketing Award
Variations 2016-1990

Artistic car silhouette

Classic Rallye Award
Variations 2019-2010

Figurative sculpture as customized corporate trophy

Customized Corporate Awards
Variations since 2002

Recognation award, Artistic letter made of stainless steel

Recognation Award
Austrian Post Company

Recognation award, Steel cylinder with a crack and a bronze ball on top

Recognation Award
Austrian Post Company

Vine culture award. Welded grapevine

Vine Culture Award
Variations 2019-2014

Welded sculpture as award

Metallurgy Awards
annually since 2010

Steel artwork as award

Artistic Award, Steel

Rusted metal trophy

Metal Trophy

Bronze sculpture as trophy

Racing Trophy Study

3 men are holding a globe

'Let's Move Together'
single copy: 7.000 €

Rusty a trophy with looks like a broken cup

'Assistance Renewal Care'
single copy: 7.000 €

Melted bronze bar and a blue steel base

Metal Award
small series/pce.:>€550 €

Four silhouettes of steel

Award 'Team'
BILLA's best recruiter

Artistic bars sculptures of different metals

Award Sculptures
small series/pce.:>€550 €

Welded bronze trophy

Trophy 'Star'
single copy: 2.500 €

Unique welded pyramid award

Award 'Pyramid'
single copy: 3.500 €

Metal sculpture as artistic award

Award 'Team'
single copy: 3.500 €

Metal artist at work

Artist Herbert Gahr

Award sculpture of welded steel

ICL Pioneer Award, Steel

Pyramid sculpture award

Auto-Star Award 2011
Awardee Ferdinand K. Piëch

Early Works, 1981

Gas-oxygen cutted judo sculptures

Judo Trophy

Early works of cupper

Surf Trophy

Formula 1 study

F1 Trophy (Study)

If an already existing artwork is still available the price is declared below the image. 13% VAT is included. These works are about 15% cheaper than commissioned works!

Within the EU:
The packing and delivery costs are an additional ~5% of the net-prize. Self pickup is gladly possible

Outside the EU:
The declared prize is inclusive packing and delivery, but exclusive customs and custom administration costs.
Luckily, in many countrys there are no customs on original artworks!

() means the artwork has been sold.
We do not make duplicates. But in most cases it is possible to continue the series and create a similar work of art.

For commissioned work we ask for an artist's fee of 5% of the estimated contract sum. (This will be deducted from the price when placing the order!) Afterwards we contemplate the case and sketch it in an artist's impression. The ordering includes a payment in advance of 30-50%. The remainder falls due to payment after sending photos of the finished artwork. Afterwards the shipping takes place in a professional packaging.

Please don't hesitate to contact us for further information!