GAHR, Welded Modern Art

The Natural Weld

The art of the metal art studio GAHR evolves from the performance of the rational world as from our observation of the mysterious, endlessly rich nature.

Materials like stainless steel, brass, bronze, rusted steel sheet, aluminium or lead are brought into shape by flexing, slicing, welding and hammering on them.
Dents and edges are reminders of these violent acts.

Some of the captured energy is set free during the succeeding heating.
When temperatures reach the fusion point the emerging oxidizing gases generate shimmering, gaudy colours.

That's why our works express tension and relaxation at one time.

The casual form of the weld embodies the natural line.
The study of the unrestricted lineation which can be found in nature has shaped the artistic understanding of the Gahr family.
It has become a mode of expression which can be generally applied,
whether it be furniture, fountains or wall art;

The natural line breaks with all limitations such as art, craft and design.

The natural weld symbolizes
freedom, poetry, diversity, movement and power.