GAHR, Welded Modern Art
October 15, 2023
Sporthilfe LOTTERIEN-GALA "Night of Sports"
Wiener Stadthalle, Austria
Sporthilfe Gala

For the 18th time we made the trophies for the Austrian sports stars.


Ocober 20, 2021, Wels, Austria
Auction: Metal painting 'All Through' mirror polished stainless steel
Metal Art

The net proceeds benefit the work of the non-profit social organization 'Die Oberösterreichische Tafel', for which help and humanity for the needy are a matter of course.

Wall Sculpture of Stainless Steel for a Villa in India
Wall Sculpture of Stainless Steel

One of two elaborate works of art for a client from Deli.

The wall sculpture is mounted along with a wall mirror inside a wellness area.

Oktober 2019
Every single year

Since 2004, over 180 trophies have left our Gahr studio. Each vintage has its own character. Each sculpture is a handmade unique.

2018, 2019
Stainless Steel Sculpture 'Cracks':
Metal Art for a Penthouse in Moscow
Welded Metal Art

For this work of metal art, we even had to remove the insulation of our workshop. The sculpture reached an assembled height of 8.65 meters and was mounted in the spring of 2019 in Moscow. A sliding door wardrobe in the same style complements the sculpture.

Jänner 2019
Color Me Beautiful

One of our biggest works gets the final tarnish colors. This room divider with integrated ethanol fireplace was installed in Moscow.

Austrian Sportman of the Year
'Night of Sports' in Vienna
Winners Celebation

Marcel Hirscher and Anna Gassner are the 'Athletes of the Year 2018'. The trophies for the awarded athletes are made by Stefan Gahr since 2004.

Welding Performance at the 'Sportsman of the Year'-Election
Austria Center / Vienna
GAHR Performance

Welding performance to the strains of Ollie Gabriel's 'Running Man'.

The trophies for the awarded sportsman and sportswoman are made by Stefan Gahr since 2004.
The show was broadcast live at ORF1 (leading Austrian TV program) every year.

Aspen, Dallas, New York: The year begins with an American touch
Modern Wall Sculpture

'The Giving Tree' (300×100×10cm) made of polished stainless steel goes to Dallas.

Another wall artwork by Robert Gahr hangs in Aspen.
And finally Stefan Gahr made a large wall artwork for a customer from New York in April.

VELUX EHF FINAL4, The Final of the Handball Champions League
Lanxess Arena / Cologne
Welded Sport Award

'Our' trophy caught a kiss by FC Barcelona 2015

Trialsitting Before Shipment to Nentucket!
Art Furniture, Imploded Couch

Stefan Gahr makes the final test

After sending several artworks to Shanghai, Bahrain, London, Wales, Monaco, Bergen (Norway), Madrid, Mallorca and of course to german-spoken countrys over the last years, we delivered our Art-Furniture 'Quetsch' to the island Nentucket (Massachusetts).

In 1985 Herbert Gahr had already delivered a garden fountain to Mexico and assembled on site. The technique of plastering using a ketchup bottle, which has been applied there, inspired him to weld one line after another to get a unique surface. A technique we still use today in many different ways.

4/24/2015, 10/31/2015
Exhibition of Selected Works
GAHR Exhibition w/ Selected Artworks

4 of 10 exhibited works: 'Poles of Inspiration', 'Exposure', 'The Beauty' ,'Resurrection Christ'

UNIKATE-WELT (Unique Pieces) at the WOHNEN&INTERIEUR Fair in Vienna
GAHR Exhibition

Seat-sculpture made of polished stainless steel, 1st UNIKATE-WELT 2016

The UNIKATE-WELT was initiated by Herbert Gahr. Artists, craftsmen and designers show extraordinary objects for living in this special show.

Exhibition-Stand, Impressions 2014-2006
60 images show our works in a different way!

September 2012

ServusTV coverage in celebration of the 1st sculpture for Shanghai

2012, 2019
Six LOVE&PEACE Sculptures will Make the World More Colorful!
Big Sculpture of Colorful Stainless Steel

Shanghai, Mallorca, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Cologne, Augsburg,

The 3. Generation?

Music Feast every May 1st at our Studio
GAHR Music Feast

Many local bands have played at this small, but fine feast.

Re-Opening THE KLUB
in Bischofshofen, only 3 Minutes Walk from our Studio
Nightclub Interior Design,  Appied Art

The first bar, completely furnished by ATELIER GAHR!

Bar, stools, lamps and wall decoration welded in stainless steel.
Overall concept: Robert Gahr


Welding-Performance in Front of 19.000 Visitors
Lanxess Arena / Cologne
GAHR Welding Performance

VELUX EHF FINAL4, Final of the handball champions league, Live welding performance


Unveiling of our Roundabout-Sculpture for Krumpendorf in Austria
Revelation Big Roundabout Sculpture

The crosspoint of the city's name 'KRUMPENDORF' and the symbolic lake is the geographical location of the city. Welded in grinded steel and blue polished stainless steel. The roundabout sculpture is 8 meters long and 6 meters high.

Exhibition 'Lange Nacht der Museen', Salzburg, Austria