GAHR, Welded Modern Art

Indoor & Outdoor Fountain Sculptures, Welded Metal Art

Unique pieces made of brass, bronze, rusted or stainless steel

- chronological order, most recent first -

Fountain Sculpture

Fountain Sculpture
Art for Sale: 45.000 €

Modern Pond Fountain of Stainless Steel, Metal Art

Pond Fountain Sculpture

Welded Wall Artwork, With Several Small Waterfalls

Indoor Wall Fountain
Welded Stainless Steel Art

Welded Metal Fountain Sculpture with a Crystal Ball, Indoor and Outdoor

Metal Fountain Sculpture

Blue Water Fountain, Welded Metal Artwork

'Pillars Of Creation' Fountain

Modern Outdoor Fountain Sculpture for Sale, Image with Metal Artist Robert Gahr

Stainless Fountain Sculpture
'Raining Fountain'

Unique Garden Fountain for Sale. Grinded and Welded Stainless Steel

Garden Fountain Sculpture
Art for Sale: 12.500 €

Welded Globe Fountain made of Stainless Steel and Rusted Steel, Big Sphere Fountain

Fountain Sculpture

Modern Wall Fountain, Welded Metal Art

Modern Wall Fountain

Fountain Art Sculpture, Nine Individual Panels made of Stainless Steel

Fountain Metal Art

Waterfall Fountain made of Stainless and Rusted Corten Steel

Waterfall Fountain, Corten-Steel

Indoor Partitation Sculpture, Indoor Waterfall Sculpture with Blue Glass

Artistic Partitation Wall

Designer Fountain made of Stainless Steel

Metal Fountain, Pedestal

Designer Sphere Fountain made of Stainless Steel

Sphere Fountain w/ Pedestal

Indoor Waterfall Fountain made of Rusted Steel and Mirror-Polished Blue Stainless Steel

Indoor Fountain Sculpture

Art of Stainless Steel and Water

Indoor Fountain Sculpture

Modern Cylinder Fountain made of Steel, Blue Lapislazuli Ball, Indoor and Outdoor Metal Art Fountain

Cylinder Metal Art Fountain

Stainless Steel and Bronze Ball Fountain on a Blue Pedestal, Sphere Fountain

Sphere Ball Fountain
w/ Pedestal

Modern Sphere Ball Fountain of Metal, Welded Artwork of Stainless Steel

Metal Ball Fountain Ø 100cm

Modern Floor Fountain, Welded Artwork of Stainless Steel and Bronze, Sphere Metal Sculpture

Metal Ball Fountain Ø 70cm

Metal Wall Art Fountain, Four Disks with Welded Bronze Cracks

Metal Wall Fountain 4-parts

Exclusive  Art Fountain, Big Disk with Grinded Coninents and Welded Sea Areas

Metal Art 'World-Fountain'

Modern Design Fountain, Square Sized Wall Fountain Made of Stainless Steel and Glas

Modern Fountain Design
Stainless / Glas

Artistic Interior Furnishing, Sphere Fountain, Stainless Steel Ball and a Welded Bronze-Crack

Sphere Ball Fountain Ø 100cm
Bronze / Stainless

Bronze Wall Fountain, Welded Artwork

Bronze Wall Fountain

Applied Art, Welded Wall Decoration

Metal Wall-Fountain

Modern Art Fountain Sculpture, Welded Artwork with a Glas Disk

Disc Fountain

Scrap Sculpture with a Little Waterfall

Garden Fountain
Scrap Fountain

Fountain made of three Brass Balls and Copper Pipes


Indoor Fountain

Standing Glass Fountain

Wall Fountain with a Map of the World

'Earth or World Fountain'

Welded Copper Artwork

Stand Fountain, Copper

Copper-Tubes and River-Stones

Outdoor Wall Waterfall, Copper

If an already existing artwork is still available the price is declared below the image. 13% VAT is included. These works are about 15% cheaper than commissioned works!

Within the EU:
The packing and delivery costs are an additional ~5% of the net-prize. Self pickup is gladly possible

Outside the EU:
The declared prize is inclusive packing and delivery, but exclusive customs and custom administration costs.
Luckily, in many countrys there are no customs on original artworks!

() means the artwork has been sold.
We do not make duplicates. But in most cases it is possible to continue the series and create a similar work of art.

For commissioned work we ask for an artist's fee of 5% of the estimated contract sum. (This will be deducted from the price when placing the order!) Afterwards we contemplate the case and sketch it in an artist's impression. The ordering includes a payment in advance of 30-50%. The remainder falls due to payment after sending photos of the finished artwork. Afterwards the shipping takes place in a professional packaging.

Please don't hesitate to contact us for further information!